when interior design meet graphic design

Interior space sometimes need an aesthetic wall or accented point, and graphic wall design is the solution. Graphic design in interior space not only limited for aesthetic, sometimes it’s needed for blending signed system especially in public space.

Above, i found very interesting graphic signed on a dark flat wall. It’s graphic bring gloomy space an accented color.


Maria Yasko, a Russian-based interior designer, these cool, modern, modular wall shelves with graphic design. The designer specifies the internal standard element in an art and called it a “Vjunok” which consists of three modular design structure, they are: power, Icelandic tree, and bees. These modular racks seems to natural elements and surroundings, graphically leaves and branches are formed


Simply cutting edge sticker graphic on plain wall, it’s very blended and stunning..!. This graphic design is not damage the image of clean bedroom design but it’s make space more convey to it’s own style.