what is an eco friendly house ?

Are you want to build a house? an eco friendly house? Here are some tips for you

First, Design. The design should be able to respond to the climate in which the home is established or commonly referred to as design-oriented climate. Such as the climate in Indonesia is tropical humid, then the house should be able to respond to the intensity of the sun is high, able to reduce high humidity, able to respond and take advantage of very high rainfall, and able to anticipate the very low wind speeds.

More on eco friendly house building, the second step to consider is energy. Energy use should be as efficient and as effective as possible. Usually when a building design has been oriented climate, automatically become efficient energy use as well. Such as reduced use of air conditioning and lights during the day.

Third, the material. Select local materials. Local materials to reduce transportation costs, this is certainly different from the imported material. Select materials that are renewable, meaning that nature produces a continuous material, such as wood, bamboo, and rattan.

And the last is garbage. Separate non-bio waste and bio waste compost, if your trash can become fertilizer for the plants at home. In addition, use is also gray water for flushing toilets and gardening.